As a Holistic Therapist and a mum I know how beneficial baby massage and complementary therapy can be for your over all well-being. I find my classes  very rewarding as I see how much the babies love massage and see parents
forming friendships.

Please find below the feedback I have received from mums who have attended Tranquil Tots.

Marcello would love getting his massage and I loved to see him so happy when he was giggling getting his legs done. I have made some really fantastic friends and am sure we will all stay in touch for years to come. Nicola & Marcello June 2009

I found the class very enjoyable, Alexander was only 5 weeks old when I first brought him along and it was such a great way to increase our bond and it helped with his wind/colic problems, it was a wonderfull way to meet new friends as well. I know that baby massage will be a part of our daily routine for a long time to come. Tina & Alexander June 2009

We joined Nicola’s Tranquil Tots class when my baby was 5 months old. The classes were very informal and I found the routine to be easy to follow. We both really enjoyed the classes and practised the techniques at home. One night, at bedtime, I used some of Nicola’s relaxation tips on my 2 year old and she fell fast asleep. The next night, I went through the whole routine, which she loved. Since that night, a 5 minute massage has become part of her bedtime routine.It’s a very special time of the day and I feel that we both get a lot out of it.

I've really enjoyed baby massage. Annie hasn't been a particularly
content, let alone tranquil baby, and the baby massage has been fabulous for
both of us. Despite Annie having a complete fit at the first class I am really
glad we came back and her daily massage is a lovely way for us both to relax
before bath time. Meeting other new mums in such a relaxed, friendly environment
has been fantastic and I've learnt more and had more support on a Wednesday
than from anything else! I would recommend your classes to all new mums. Thanks a lot.(June 2008)

Initially when I started your class I was worried that Cara would hate
it and be the most disruptive baby there. As it stands she loves getting her
massage and she giggles at certain points. The advantages are that she sleeps
better at night as it makes her tired, when we are out with friends and she is
sitting on my knee I massage her feet and this keeps her contented and my
friends think I have a magic baby!! Also, due to the class I put Cara on her
tummy, which is something that I never done, she did not like it at first but
has slowly got used to it, which is good. An added bonus is that due to the
amount of oil her skin is getting she has very soft skin and any dry areas have
disappeared. Claire June 2008

Ruby & I loved your class. Iain & I are convinced that doing a nighly massage as part of Ruby's bedtimeroutine helped her sleep through the night from such an early age (about 8 weeks I think - seems like such a long time ago). On a personal level I lovethe feeling of closeness it creates, and it relaxes me too! Thank you again, Stephanie and Ruby x June 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed the class Nicola, i joined with my friend but also got to know other mums and babies. The class gave me an opportunity to chat to other mums, which is important for us but the true benefits are for the babies. Lucy loves the massage, it's one to one quiet time with me when all my attention is on her. The skin-to-skin I feel is good strengthening our bond. It helped me to get to know what she likes and dislikes as now I know she loves getting her back stroked and her face/head stroked. Baby massage became part of Lucy's routine and we do it on alternate nights to bath nights, which works for us. In addition, you gave us many tips and hints for example about reflexology and giving them foot massages to relieve teething problems. Lucy is yet to cut her first tooth but i often play with / and massage her feet when I think she is girny or irritable with something and it helps her to relax. Thanks again Amy and sleeping Lucy

Baby massage has been great for not only my twins Eve and Harry but for myself on a social level - I have gained so many close friends. The benefits for massage are great, I try so hard to practice at home but time is limited with two babies. When I do I find it relaxes them and myself. Eve and Harry are both teething and the little tips on how to ease pain are very useful and that’s
what I spend most on my time on. In the early days Harry's colic was bad and
baby massage did help a great deal. I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to class every week for the last three Months, and would highly recommend it to other new mums. Aileen Eve and Harry July 2008

I have been attending Nicola's Tranquiltots class in Rouken Glen Park on Wednesdays (11.45am) with my daughter since she was 6 weeks old. It is a FANTASTIC baby massage class, where you can meet other Mums and chat. After every class both me and Claudia are so chilled out. It is a great way to get out and about and meet new people, even with a young baby. Nicola is a brilliant instructor. So, if you want a relaxed, happy baby - SIGN UP FOR HER NEXT SESSIONS! Aug 08

‘‘The baby massage class was the first class I attended with my baby and I was surprised to find it so enjoyable. Unlike other Mother & baby gatherings, this class is focused on relaxation. My baby is relaxed throughout the massage and sleeps soundly for hours afterwards, and I am able to relax performing the massage and afterwards with a cup of tea and a chat with the other Mothers. We wouldn't miss it.’’Aileen & Alex

"The baby massage class is great and it is amazing how relaxed all
the mums get as well as the babies. With plenty of time for tea and a chat at the end I have been able to get to know other mums who live nearby which has been an added bonus. Looking forward to the next class!" Natalie & Eilidh

“Initially my six month old and I joined for something different to do together, whilst my two year old attended nursery. At the same time, it’s been a great way for us both to relax and meet new people. The class is very relaxed and transports you away from the mundane things in life. It is a delight to see my little bundle of joy all rosy cheeked and giving me looks of absolute love after the massage. The techniques learnt have helped him to sleep through the night. We are now attending a second course.”Kellie & Ben

I really enjoyed the 6 weeks, I thought you created a very relaxed and informal atmosphere and I felt very comfortable from the start. Your class was the first thing I did as a new mum so I was a bit unsure of what to expect, but I have gone on to do all sorts of things on the back of your class so well done. Louise & Finn

"Ruby was only 6 weeks old when we went to our first Tranquil Tots class, so I was a bit concerned that she may be too young to enjoy the whole experience. However, after a bit of squirming on the first session whilst getting use to the
routine, she grew to love the class. It really helped her relax and I could
always be guaranteed 2 things from her following a session - 1) a very dirty nappy and 2) at least 2 hours of peace while she enjoyed a fantastically deep
lunchtime sleep.

Ruby wasn’t the only one to benefit from the class; I found it really enjoyable too. The massage relaxed me and I loved the closeness it provided between Ruby and I. It was also a very sociable occasion, where us ladies chatted about our babies and were able to ask each other about our baby’s feeding and sleeping habits and all the other 'hot topics' that are top of a new mums agenda! The other mums I met were lovely and I hope we will stay in touch.

All in all, the class was fun, enjoyable, educational and Id highly recommend
Angali & Ruby

I've found the class brilliant. I'm surprised how well Emma lies peacefully and laps it up!! I thought she would get fed up after 10mins but not so. She must find it very relaxing, as she's straight to sleep afterwards. I've especially enjoyed the coffee and chat afterwards. It's great speaking to other mums, sharing stories and getting lots of tips! It would be good to continue meeting up for coffee after the class finishes. Thanks very much.Susan & Emma

Myself and my daughter love the baby massage class. Very relaxing for both of us. It definitely helped my baby sleep through the night. Its a great way for you to meet mums and babies socially, learn the massage techniques and have coffee and chat afterwards. Hayley & Lucy

Tranquil tots is a fantastic class to be a part of. It has been great
learning the massage techniques. My son Reece loves being massaged before his bath at night and it really helps him relax. The class has been a great way to meet mums and friends for Reece. The class is relaxed and friendly and you are made to feel welcome instantly. Reece and I are currently attending our second block and will continue onto a third if they will have us!! Lisa & Reece

'Nicola invited me to join the Tranquil Tots class on my first visit to
see my family in Glasgow with my new baby Saul. It was really lovely to meet other Mums who were going through or had been through similar experiences with their babies and made me feel very welcome and secure away from my home and post natal group in Bristol. I use the massage techniques that I learnt regularly with Saul & actually booked a massage course in Bristol when I came home ... Invaluable & highly recommended!' Lauren & Saul

Tranquil Tots has been great for my baby Ben and for me. It took Ben a couple of classes to get used to the massage but now he knows what to expect and really relaxes into it. It is also a great way of getting out and meeting other mums. The class is very relaxed and friendly and I would definitely recommend it. Emma & Ben

The baby massage class has been great for Sarah and I. Not only have we found it very relaxing, but we have also made some great friends. The techniques are simply explained and easy to follow. The class is very open and we have gained useful tips in other areas as well as massage. We’ve now signed up for our second session. Kirstie & Sarah

I think the class is really great for Ellis. He seems to really enjoy it as he always looks so peaceful! What I find really useful are the tips you have given me for colic and reflux. It is also really useful to know where his pressure calming areas are, especially when he starts teething! I think the classes are also a great way to get to know other mums, as the classes are really sociable. Linda & Ellis

Just finished our six week course with Nicola and have signed up for another six weeks. My daughter Fern just loves the class and sleeps for hours afterwards!! It is a great way to meet other Mums and a special way to connect with your baby. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicola's class. Being a Mum herself means she really knows what she's doing!! We are going on holiday soon and I will be giving Fern a massage at lunchtime so she will have a guaranteed long siesta - and so will I !!! Jen & Fern

The first class that I took my son Lachlan to he unfortunately had been sleeping and cried straight through. Since then, he seems really chilled and ooohs contentedly during the class. You learn a lot at the class, not just massage techniques but also about other classes that are available. Sometimes after the class some of the mums will go for a walk and a chat.

It's a very good, relaxed atmosphere.
Pamela & Lachlan

I am very much enjoying the baby massage classes, not only because I am finding it a great way to bond with my baby, but also for the social benefits of meeting and talking with other mums. It's been brilliant! Fiona & Katie

I started attending the Tranquil Tots class when my daughter Sam was 11 weeks old and we have both enjoyed it from the word go!

It's a lovely relaxing hour that i get to spend with my daughter doing
something we both enjoy. Sam seems to get more from it each week and even
sticks out her arms and legs now as if to say "this one next please mum"

As well as learning the massage techniques (which Nicola displays and explains
clearly and simply), the class has been a great opportunity to meet other mums with young babies and we usually stay for a coffee and a chat after class which is a great way to catch up on other mums tips on feeding, sleeping etc.
I would recommend the class to anyone - it relaxes Sam and me!
Mandi & Sam

"After an introductory session of baby massage with my health visitor
I was keen to learn more about baby massage - for Niamh and for myself. Over the weeks we have enjoyed each session more and, even though Niamh is very nosey and won't last the hour without having a good look at all the other babies, she has become more calm and content. It is an amazing opportunity to connect deeply with your baby while at the same time developing communication, improving parent interaction, aiding digestion (great dirty nappies afterwards!), and she has lovely soft skin too. I can't recommend baby massage highly enough.



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